“What is love but everything that you are?  It is your breath, your laughter, all your interactions are informed by love.  Love’s melody never stops, it is you that stop listening & stop feeling its call.  Your ears of love must be opened gently with love.  Fear must be embraced, in order to restore love.  The tightness in your body, the sinking feeling in your heart, your clenched tight bottom must be released from fear. Yes even your booty is home to love when you surrender its fear, when you love & accept your curves just the way they are, big, small, all are love’s home.  From your body love exudes in your dance, in your smile.  Abundance resides within & without when you surrender to love.” God-Goddess

Good morning wild women!  These words just came from the divine in my morning practice and asked to be shared with you.  I’m getting ready for our 1st Annual Love Your Booty Walk this evening.  All week I’ve been planning a fabulous walk, ritual, chakracize and celebration.

I took a wild creative detour this week figuring out what sign to post up.   I knew I didn’t want  one of the airbrushed pin-up pictures that doesn’t represent the unique beauty of every woman.  I knew I didn’t want one that was just up for men’s pleasure, where the women are treated like a disposable sexual ornament.  I found an, “ I Heart My Booty” sticker with an upside down heart, I knew I’d found something.  I decided to draw my own version & commenced doodling.   Here’s the sign I came up with.

I love my booty!

Then the creative wild streak continued & I gathered up all the glass & crystal hearts in my room and started to arrange them, turning them over into beautiful booty  & took some pictures…

booty in all shapes, sizes & colors is beautiful…just like you!

& then continued with these pics of my Venus statue & little hula girl.

bootyful goddesses: Venus & little hula girl

I’m excited about taking a stand with women today!   I’m going on a Love Your Booty Walk, across the Brooklyn Bridge, wearing pink, carrying a sign that says, “I Love My BOOTY!”.  I know it sounds scandalous & it may bring to mind scantily clad oversexed women, porn, guys hitting on you & yelling “Shake That Ass!”

How did a vital, beautiful, erogenous area of our body become an area of fear & shame?  It is said that the heart was originally a symbol of the body, when you turn it upside down it is a beautiful round booty.  How did our bodies go from being symbols of the Goddess to shame filled & dirty?  We are born innocent; our bodies, our heart, our belly, our booty and they are divine.

This is why I’m doing it, this is why its important, that  women take this walk, to take back our bodies,  to own our sexiness,  to love ourselves, and to be comfortable in our own skin.   Loving your booty isn’t just about getting it on, or looking perfect, it’s about loving your body, your sexuality in all areas of your life.  Your sexuality doesn’t take a vacation when you go to work.  Its there when you’re in church, when your having dinner with your parents & its even there when your reading your child a bedtime story.  In fact its always with you….there when you’re parents created you, there when you’re mother birthed you & even there when your snoring.

Its time for us to take back our Bootyliciousness!  Its time to take back our power! Our round, curvy, sexy glutes  represent our power & our sexuality, and as part of our root chakra, our ground, security & abundance.

There’s so much shame in our culture around our bodies, and pressure to be perfect in order to be loved.   Our booty is a place we often hold shame.  We tighten our glutes when we are afraid or ashamed.   It’s where a child gets spanked.  I grew up with it and there are still times that I reflexively tighten my cheeks if I feel afraid or ashamed.

Since childhood, I’ve learned to love my body and all the hard work, the courage to look within & rescue the little girl parts of me, has paid off a thousand-fold.  The joy that bubbles up & shines from my body when I’m in it, is my treasure.  I love that the more I have, the more I can share.  It took along time to feel comfortable in my body, to get here & there’s still more ahead, more shame to clear & more bliss to discover.

I’m excited & yes a bit nervous to declare, “I love my booty”, to the world and I know how good it feels to stand up for myself & for women everywhere.   I know how good it feels to stand up with women, cheering each other on, creating safety for each other.

Yeah I’m gonna go do my walk, strut, sashay & dance today for the little girl in me & the little girl in you that needs to know she is beautiful, innocent, sexy,  & loved just the way she is…wild in her own natural state

I’m bootyful!

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