Juneteenth: Reflect, Celebrate & Stand for Freedom

Today is Juneteenth the day we celebrate the end of legal slavery in the United States. We celebrate African Americans finally being set free in Texas two after the emancipation proclamation. It’s a day to remember, grieve, reflect and feel. 

In order to heal from racial trauma and end racism we need to slow down to feel. 

As Americans, as humans we all feel this collective trauma. We feel it in our bodies where, unlike our minds imprisoned by judgments and beliefs, we know we are all connected.

Slow down to feel and acknowledge the tremendous pain Black people have and are experiencing.

Slow down to feel and process all that comes up. We all need to slow down so we can feel, heal and stand for freedom together.

Pause to feel, listen and tend to what you’re experiencing in your own body.  Pause to feel Mother Earth holding you and all of Her children. 

Pause to allow yourself to wake up to feel how we are all connected.  

Our bodies know and feel what we are blind to.

They feel when we are ripped apart and when we are connected with love. We feel it deep in our souls.

This is a day to celebrate freedom and to mourn where we have not experienced it and we still do not on many levels. 

I invite you to celebrate life and to stand for it. Stand for your body, your safety, your self care.

Stand for life in you, in every human being, and every creature. Stand for all of us here on Mother Earth. We are one Earth family. May we all wake to love. I invite you to dream with me and stand for love. 

From my wild heart to yours, I send you so much love,

Kiana Love, Founder of Be Wild Woma

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