Wild Wombing Day

Be Wild Woman of the Kakini Health is proud to present in collaboration with Nurture New York

The Healing the Womb Women’s Celebration

“The Wild  WOMBing Day”

Wild:(wld)adj. growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, untamed:

Womb: wm)v.to create and cultivate, safety and healing both  inside your body and in your life.
May 2nd 11-6pm @ Nurture New York
Open to joy along your healing path…
A FREE day of awareness, community and celebration for women.

It is evident by the epidemic of sexual violence, domestic violence, genital mutilation,fibroids, hysterectomies and other womb wounds rampant across the globe that women are in need of safety and  healing.    Healer Kiana Love, Founder of Be Wild Woman and Kakini Health, says “It is time for women to create their own safety and cultivate healing in their bodies and in their communities.  “Wombing” is crucial to women’s health and happiness. ”

Join Be Wild Woman as we provide space, tools, and resources for women to learn how to create and cultivate safety and healing in their bodies and lives.

Join us and connect to a community and network of healing support.  Experience nurturing and joyful connections.  Learn about Be Wild Woman’ supportive healing circles, workshops, and one on one care.   Learn  how Be Wild Woman is bringing  the Healing the Womb Project to women in need.  Learn how you can get involved.
Activities include:
Health fair, yoga, art, performances, talks, dancing, ceremonies, drumming, face painting, music, healing womb stories, & poetry.


Healing the Womb Ritual and Ceremony
by founder Kiana Love

Heart & Womb Dance by Diana Ferrante.

Wombing Stories Video

clips from Be Wild Woman’s, Healing the Womb study & documentary

Presenters & Activities include:

Body Talk to Heal Your Womb
by Karen Atkins Founder of  Nurture New York

Defender Stories
by self defense expert and women’s legal advocate Diana Adams

5Rhythms Wave Dance with Kierra Foster Ba

Belly Dance by Teeni Dakini

RawFusion Womb Nourishment by Simone Turner

Womb Art Nook & Decor by Salma Shalmy and Laura Sheedy

Womb Words Cove by Janie Angelica & Noelle V. Dor

Be Wild Woman Costume Wardrobe
grown up dress up and portrait station

Womb Sanctuary.  “red tent” healing space to honor our wombs & cycles

for more info or to get involved go to www.wildsacredwoman.net

contact:  Kiana Love    info@wildsacredwoman.net

telf 917 453-3663

you can also join us on facebook and meetup!

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    1. Greetings Kim,
      Its been just over a year since the Healing the Womb~ Wild Wombing Day! I so appreciate you giving it a shout out on your blog
      I am excited to be offering a new Wild Wombing program for women to ~reclaim your body, feel sexy and give birth to you.

      Check out this post. Could you please help spread the word..also check out my note on my facebook page..
      I’ll share it with you. Would love to get together. How about we get together for a cup of tea?
      Kiana Love


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