Your Wild Love Itinerary: Sunrise, Sacred & Palpitations

And I-I rise to taste the dawn, and find that love alone will shine today.
And the Shining says: to love it all, and love it madly…” Ken Wilbur

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I’m reviving my Sunrise Valentine Project to join with 1 Billion Rising to transform our world with Love & Dance & end violence against women tomorrow, February 14th.

Wild Woman Rising Itinerary:

6:51 am:  Sunrise Valentine—Wherever you see the sunrise
Greet the sun with your dance & welcome in the wild love of the sun to heal & end violence against women.—details below

8:30-9:30 am: Sister Goddesses Rising  — 59th & 5th Ave
Dance with Mama Gena & the Sister Goddess, Pleasure Revolution

12n-6pm: Respite & Contemplation @ 4th U 160 Central  Park W @ 76th St
Find respite in this beautiful cathedral & contemplate a world where women delight in peace.

7-9pm:  Sacred Rising 197 Clifton, Brooklyn http://bit.ly/Y8F7hn I‘ll be co-facilitating this riotious dance protest with Aqila Norris, Shalewa Mackall & Kitty Cavalier

& if that isn’t enough join me on Sunday February 17th @  Heart Palpitations
for an enchanting evening of interactive lessons in love.  Join Billy &  for a chakracize & dance to guide you into love’s embrace. Click here for the lineup of sweets, dancing, & love lessons.

Dress up in an outfit or costume that exemplifies love to you.

Rise & take in the beauty of the sunrise.
As the rays spill over the horizon,  Embark on a sunrise heart-meditation filling your heart with love & dancing joy. Send your love & joy out to women across the globe.

Embark on your love revolution to end violence against women. Bring: some Valentines with positive loving messages. You can buy or make them yourself. Spread the love by Valentining people!How to Valentine: hand them a card and wishing them a happy valentines day & continuing.  Besides being a great way to cheer up other peoples day it feels great.

Join me for one of the events above, find one near you on onebillionrising.org or celebrate in your own way!  Post pictures on our face book page

As founder of Be Wild Woman  I’m passionate about ending violence against women & in past years I’ve been in the Vagina Monologues, sponsored it & led events to end violence against women.  I wasn’t going to lead an event this year, because I’ve been birthing the new Free to be Me, Birthing a Wild Woman 9 Month Journey.  I’ve been heeding Wild Woman’s call to free women from violation & empower them to feel safe, nurtured, loved & free to be wild with this program & book project.  I’m blessing it tomorrow on this auspicious day that it may be embued with love & empower women.

I was just going to post some of the wonderful events that are happening tomorrow to raise awareness & end violence against women.   When I started to post I couldn’t ignore the wild longing inside of me to dance & celebrate my favorite day & the power of love to transform the world.    So I invite you to join me tomorrow to greet the wild untameable dawn &  throughout the day to open to love.  Together we can free the world.

I’m going to start the morning with a Sunrise Valentine invoking the most powerful force LOVE to free our wild joy & end violence against women.  Its time for us to throw off the shackles & dance our way into freedom. You can’t tame the sun or love & when you join me from wherever you are at sunrise, you make a stand for women & for all of us being wild & free to be loved just the way we are,  regardless of our gender, sexual orientation, age, size, dress, political beliefs, or emotions.  It is time for us to rise up and free our world from oppression & violence.  Violence against women affects us all.  It robs us of our joy, our confidence, our passion, our  power,  our FREEDOM.

Here’s a bit about why I valentine people & why the sunrise is my favorite valentine:

Sunrise, one of my favorite times, is symbolic of new beginnings, and as the sky lights up so does my spirit. After the mystery of the night the sun bursts across the sky shining warm and oh so brightly. It is the ultimate Valentine, because at this moment it is as if the sun itself were a valentine given to us freely any morning we chose to wake and experience it. Valentines Day has always been my favorite holiday because it is the one day that it is encouraged & “safe” to be loving to people, to give them heart shaped chocolates, little valentine cards, and flowers. I remember and still love to give the little valentines we gave in school. In fact I enjoy giving them more now, a cultivated openness and innocence with open eyes, now after I have grown and know how much the heart can hurt, and how wonderful it feels to be filled with self-love. Now it is all the more sweet and special to make the conscious decision to be loving, just because; because it far outweighs the risk of being hurt, because I know how amazing it is to love, love my life, love my friends,and love myself. I have chosen to fiercely hold on to love no matter what because I know in my heart that it is what matters, as Ken Wilbur says, “Only love will shine today&and this is what I give to you my love, to you as another traveler on the road, as a living creature, as a spark of life.” I give you a loving look, a wish, from a being who has looked deep into herself and with all the shadows, and dark spaces, loves herself deeply, fiercely, often, and without regret. I do this with trust, knowing that it can make a difference, if someone is feeling down, depressed, or feeling unloved. People need to be reminded that they are precious that they are lovable…and each time you do it there is a part of you that listens and knows you are loved too. I wish this for you, that you know that you feel loved…May love shine today.

Valentine blissings, Kiana Love Founder of Sunrise Valentine & Be Wild Woman







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