Healing Crystal Grid In Memory of Dr. Dyer

Healing Crystal Grid Wayne Dyer Be Wild WomanI’d like to share this intuitive healing crystal grid I made this morning when I found out Dr. Wayne Dyer passed. I’ve left it up all day to honor and appreciate his life and invite love to gently hold us all as we grieve.  You can sit with it, meditate with it and receive the healing energy that pours through.  I’m sharing it in case it might be helpful for you.

I’ve been thinking about how to put this in a post and was putting it off throughout the day until my new blogger, Veronica, asked me how Dr. Dyer influenced my life and here is how he did…

Dr. Dyer meant a lot to me, he changed my life when I was in my teens.  When I was 15 I found his book “Pulling Your Own Strings” on my parents bookshelf.  At the time I was going through (though I didn’t know it) Depression, had ADHD, Anxiety, Aspergers, Grief and PTSD.  I was a voracious reader and would escape in books, Wayne’s message gave me the courage to find my own way: to speak up for and eventually be myself.  I ended up quoting him to my parents, to their consternation.  I finally got to hear him speak live last year at I Can Do It!  I’m so glad I did because I would have regretted it if I hadn’t.

Growing up I wanted to save the world and then realized who I needed to take care of first was me.  The healing work I share with others now came out of the self-care that Dr. Dyer helped inspire me to commit to.  I’m sad that he’s gone, but also feel gratitude and awe for this being that shared such inspiration and will continue to inspire people with his legacy.  I feel moved by his passing and more determined to do whatever it takes to share the Be Wild Woman healing work now because I don’t know who it will touch, or who it will help to share their gifts too.  The time to live is now.

Healing Crystal Grid Wayne Dyer Be Wild Woman

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