Aloha Joy: Restoring Joy in Hawaii

I worked with this lovely family in Hawaii clearing old karma from their home & life.  It was a beautiful rewarding experience. 
At the end of the day, I felt tremendous peace, gratitude and joy. I felt my life was complete.   Here are their stories.
much gratitude & blisssings



Aloha Kiana,
I want you to know that your work at the house on the north shore was really life changing. Its amazing. Because I had harbored so much negativity about the north shore due to the events and conflicts at the home we had there. I saw the entire north shore as a cesspool, and only chose to remember the horrible times.
After the clearing work you did in the home and the karma cleansing you did with our family, I immediately felt a sense of release. It happened in subtle ways. Like later that day when we went into town, I was suddenly filled with all kinds of wonderful memories of my life on the north shore. These memories I had looked over because I was so attached to the negative events that had happened. 

I still want to cry when I consider that without you I may not have ever let go of that. I may never have remembered the joyous days of raising my young daughter: still remaining locked in my dance of anger. I thank you for helping us to release the negative and find our joy again. You are very powerful indeed and helped us to see our own power. Mahalo!   
Roya Dennis

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in
powerful energy channels with Kiana Love.

She happened into my life by chance, over a Birthday cake.

Eventually, the path led to an invitation to confront some negative vibes

that I had been harboring and allowing to fester for years. It turns out
that Kiana is a personal energy expert. She opened a door for me to release
that pent up energy back into the universe where it belongs.
    I had some negative experiences with people and began to associate those
experiences with the location where they happened. The negativity spread
into just about everything that I did in that geographic area, without me
even realizing it. Kiana invited me to look at this situation, and if I was
willing, to let it go.
As we explored the roots of this negativity, we found that there was
evidence of previous human suffering in the same house. This was a very eye
opening discovery for me about energy and human interaction and it really
helped me to let go of it all.
Now I go back to the same area and feel almost the same as I did before the
About four weeks after Kiana’s energy clearing art, some friends offered to
assume responsibility for that property and fully release me of that past!
Some things are meant to be… 🙂

Freedom Dennis


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