Reclaim Your Body & Give Birth to You ~with our New Wild Wombing Group Program

So excited about making our new wild wombing program available to women across the globe! Join us from the comfort of your home to reclaim your body & give birth to you.
Check out Kerry & Noelle’s posts to read about their empowering experiences here at Be Wild Woman & how wombing can help you too.
Kiana Love

9 Week~Wild Wombing Group Program
~Reclaim Your Body & Love Feeling Sexy ~
with Be Wild Woman Kiana Love
*for women only

Beginning Tuesday, April 13, 8-9pm

Are you uncomfortable with your body? Wish it would just do what it is supposed to do, ie., let you thinner..more attractive…stop hurting?

Would you like to awaken to pleasure, feel nourished, supported, loved, sexy?
Would you like to let go of pain & self doubt?

When I discovered I had fibroids my body had already been “yelling”–with ovarian cysts, painful, heavy cycles, and urinary tract infections. Learning how to reclaim my body helped me move from feeling anxious, depressed, ashamed & uncomfortable with my body to feeling innocent, self confident, empowered, sexy & free to express myself. I know it can help you too!” Kiana Love

….all from the comfort of your home!

Its time for you to redefine & reclaim your womb…

Womb: verb: to create and cultivate safety and healing both inside your body and in your life.

Gain the support and knowledge you need to reclaim your body & give birth to you. Learn to let go of pain. Access your body’s wild wisdom & discover your natural healing capabilities. Feel safe and comfortable in your body Develop your wombing toolkit to create safe nurturing space, ask for what you want, & feel good about your body. Transform your womb into a wild sanctuary.

Incorporate easy to use healing tools into your everyday life:

* reflexology
* meditation
* yoga
* massage
* chakra work
* energy healing
* journaling
* nutrition
* herbal healing
* intuitive art
* healing rituals

Create a safe foundation within & become more self-confident. A healthy womb is essential to your sexuality, self-worth and joy. Wombing gives you the support & freedom to be wild.
Heal your relationship with the feminine. Claim your mothering gifts to nurture yourself. Gain access to your creative energy and fully experience your life. Its time for you to give birth to you!

Participants receive

* workbook filled with healing tools & journal exercises
* audio & video downloads
* online community
* unlimited email support
* includes monthly in person wombing circles & parties
* visit to Be Wild Woman Herbal Healing Garden
* certificate

$299 if you pay in advance
or 3 payments of $115

this is going to be a small intimate group so spaces are limited

go here to reserve your space now

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