Total Eclipse into Love: Messages from Wild Woman

Here are some healing messages from Wild Woman about the solar eclipse today.  She’s asked me to share them with you.  The first message is from the tarot reading and the second the Wild Woman Speaks healing art message from today.

[Both of these you can use to receive healing energy from Wild Woman, Nature Herself.  Gaze on image, feel Mother Earth holding you.  Open your sense and breathe her healing energy in with each breath. Set intention to breathe in love and breathe love out with each breath. Open your senses and pay attention to any messages she sends your way through your felt sense and inner knowing. These can come as sensations, images, words and feelings. You are wild <3 ] 


Total Eclipse into Love Tarot Reading and message: 

It is time for you to wake to this moment–wake to the miraculous nature displaying and birthing through you.  There are no accidents to the eclipse.  It is perfectly timed for you to look inside, to turn from the sun and bathe in your own light.  See, feel nature’s light in you.  This is often obscured by the sun, the news and the world’s light.  It is not that it is trying to obscure things from you.  You are distracted by it and don’t experience the light within you.  You have been conditioned to focus on the light without and dismiss the light within. You have learned to un-see it.

Here at the eclipse is the dark you can wake to the illusion you have been living with and beyond to the freedom that is already within you.  Use the eclipse to reconnect to your wild feminine nature.  Come home to your womb, where you dream, —into my womb where you are born anew.

Take a pause here.  Take a quiet inner moment. Unplug.

Go out into nature. Go to the ocean, the park, somewhere quiet. See this in silence.

Shhhh. Listen, feel and celebrate.


Wild Woman Speaks  daily healing messages from Wild Woman

Stay grounded.
Feel your roots
Breathe in the light and breathe in the dark.
You are the light in the dark.
You are the shadow in the light
Inhale, exhale.
Be wild.

And here is more info about this eclipse and how to see it with or without glasses.  Please do not look at the sun without the approved special sunglasses or welders glasses shade 14 or higher.

Enjoy the eclipse!

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