Spring fever, being wild & fighting against Rush Limbaugh.

Ooh springtime and wildness.  Spring fever, wildness… unstoppable….and amazing!   The wild woman in you is exquisitely beautiful, like cherry blossoms.

You are a unique creation, wildly perfect, just the way you are, not airbrushed or photo-shopped.  Your body’s sensations, your emotions, your imagination are all ways that wild woman shines through you.

Wondering why its so hard to connect with your wildness?  Wondering why you don’t feel amazing, or why you can’t hear or feel her? You’ve been trained to ignore her & judge her…and chain her up with judgements, shame, pain killers, putting everyone else’s concerns and opinions above ours, etc.

You’re fighting against a culture that today has men in congress trying to dictate what women do with their bodies, has Rush Limbaugh calling women sluts and prostitutes.

You’ve grown up with the belief that your wildness needs to be stamped out.  You’ve learned to ignore your body & control it; “don’t cry”, “sit still”, “that pain is all in your head”, “just take a pill”,”good girls don’t do that”.

There are days when I want my body to shut up and work.  These are the days that I struggle all day long, stay up too late, fall exhausted into bed and if I keep ignoring my body eventually end up sick in bed, getting the rest I needed anyways.

Its when I listen and tend to my body; do my wild woman morning practice, put the tools in place that everything flows easily and life feels great!

Its important to pay attention when you’re body whispers, ..I’m tired and need rest or I want to get up and move and dance.  Its your WBBC (Wild Body Broadcasting Corporation) pointing the way to your joyful life!  Your greatness, creativity, passion, are not accesible when you’re exhausted or in pain.
Ready for joy now?  Want to know how?

Here you go!!!  Here’s some ways you can seize your joy now!

2) join me on my
1)  join me this Friday,volunteer, and show off your beauty!
Wild Woman Beauty Walk FlashMob at the vagina fair preceding the
Vagina Monologues at 4th U Church  Stand up for women. Show NYC what REAL beautiful, wild women look like!  Message me to join us or call 917 453-3663.

5) Join me this weekend March 24th & 25th to “get the issues out of your tissues” with the support of Angels. Learn how to heal yourself and others, and reach for your joy with Basic and Intermediate IET Healing Certification Trainings.

5) Join me this Sunday for  Wild Woman Sanctuary Sundays
Discover your body’s wild wisdom and joy. Claim your power and pleasure.

wild blissings,

Kiana Love

founder & director of Be Wild Woman

“what do we want Joy,

when do we want it Now!”

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