Start Your Year with a Thank God It’s Morning: Wild Woman Dance

Be Wild Woman invite’s you to start your year with a Thank God It’s Morning Wild Woman Dance

When: Monday January 9th  6a-9:30a
Where: Creatively Wild Art Studio
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10612778_10152782344498623_6008865108575308447_nFree yourself from the fog of fear and hate of the world. Free your body and dance! Awaken your body, mind and heart to your true wild nature…love.

Wild Woman, Nature herself is calling you to rise with nature and unleash her power in you. She is calling women to wake to your wildness. Come dance to awaken yourself and the whole world to love.

This is an invitation from the divine feminine to women and all who wish to heal, protect, honor, awaken and celebrate the feminine.

” Revelution — declaration of unshakeable love…
You are the revelution.
Undulate, inhale.
Stretch, exhale.
Dance, revel, speak with your whole being. Free your voice. Free your fire. Unleash your wildness. Come dance with me to consecrate, celebrate and awaken your wild soul. Worship in the body temple of your soul. This is the wild medicine you’ve been searching for.” -Wild Woman

Into the Wild 6:00-6:30 (women only)
Start with a women’s “Into the Wild” meditative, love your body journey with Wild Woman led by founder of Be Wild Woman Healing Artist Kiana Love. Sink into care, awaken to love, feel safe and supported. We start by rooting, protecting and celebrating the feminine and then invite all to join us in dance.

Free Your Body Dance Soundbath 6:30-8:30 (all welcome)
Feel the beat of your heart and realign with nature. Listen, honor and move your body. Awaken your wild healing power and let it flow through you into the world. Let’s be wild.

***This is open to all who are committed to the empowerment and healing of women and the feminine.

Here we make the music; our hearts, our song and organic beats. Bring shakers, drums and the miraculous drum of your heart. Let’s be wild….awaken to the wild rhythm of life already in you.

Special Guest:

*Music catalyst and percussionist Kevin Nathanial Hylton guides us into a musical, total voice, body and breath experience.

Artist Janet Morgan brings her wild and colorful paintings of humans, gods and goddesses and our sacred earth.
Space Massiah brings us her cosmic, soul art and face painting.



This for you if:

You are a woman who would like to live fully, express your truth, trust yourself and experience joy in your body.

You are a woman who has experienced sexual discrimination and or violence this is for you.

You are a woman who would like to live fully, express your truth, trust yourself and experience joy in your body.

You would like to live in a world where the feminine and masculine are in balance, integrated and celebrated.

You would like to see an end to violence against women and nature.

You would like to experience a celebration of men feeling their feelings, and a world where both the feminine and masculine are revered.

** by women only we mean women identified.

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