Surround Yourself with Love: New Moon Message from Wild Woman

Here is a New Moon love message for you from Wild Woman.


This came during last nights Wild Woman transmission and she asked me to share it with you.





Breathe, pause, listen, be…

Take time today to set your course and allow the light of the moon to shine on all of you.  Rest here in the dark of the moon and plant your intention.  

Surround yourself with love.  Shield yourself from doubt and negativity.  Change the channel when the ” negative” messages come.  Observe, feel the ground and call in care. Reorient yourself to your dreams, intentions and the blessings of this moment of this moment.  Give the positive at least the same platform and attention as the stress and fear,  call me there.  Pay more attention to me holding you, to your body receiving, to the dream and the wildness within you than the resistance that thinks you should stop feeling, moving and dancing into the light.  Feel the mighty flow of life within you.  I am here to set you free.  

Surrender and Be Wild.——-You already are, you just don’t know it.  You are here to live and love, Free!  You are here to experience the freedom of living and loving. 






This is a Wild Being Reading.  It’s a new reading she’s asked me to offer to individuals to empower them to experience their natural state of being.  It is a channelled crystal and card healing grid that connects you with Wild Woman and transmits healing energy to bring you into alignment and connection with nature as she roots you in care.  Its like being held and rocked like a baby and being opened to inner vision and creative possibility of your dreams.  In order to unlock the information and receive the energy you need to ground, call her in and sit with the reading.  The information you are receiving is in your senses, what you are receiving through your senses and experiencing in your body.  Pay close attention to your body’s experience, how all the parts of you feel as you look at the image and any images, thoughts, memories, colors etc that come as you sit with it.  All of these work together with the grid to awaken you to your wildness.  Take in the healing images and imagine you are being bathed in natures abundance.  You can visualize the sun’s rays shining on you and the healing energy of the sun infusing your cells with life.  If you’d like you can add or substitute the image of a gentle stream of pure, sparkling water cascading down through you.

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