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Wild Abundant Woman Full Moon – Worldwide Womb Blessing – Oct. 27th. 2015

Ready to manifest the abundance of nature in your life?
Claim your feminine power and surrender to your abundance on the full moon.
Wild Woman calls us to celebrate and restore the wild abundance of nature in women.

This is a super abundant full moon. In addition to our abundance intention setting, healing and celebrating, we have two special bonuses this month, A Worldwide Womb Blessing and a Wild Woman Healing Transmission.  Its a triple blessing!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the full moon and the upcoming Day of the Dead, I dedicate the transmission to the prevention and healing of breast cancer for all present, past and future generations.  Let’s honor all who have been affected by breast cancer, all living and past with this healing energy.

I invite you to wear pink and green.  Pink for healing breast cancer and green for living healthy and loving yourself.    Think Pink and Live Green!

Tuesday October 27th, 2015 6:00-8:30pm
230 W 72nd st #2R  (between Broadway & West End)

Must rsvp to attend: Investment $25  click to register
space limited to 12 women


*Bonus #1 Special Worldwide Distance Womb Blessing to Empower Women Channeled by Miranda Grey, founder of the WorldWide Womb Blessing

As Moon Mother trained by Miranda Grey to offer this womb blessing with women, I’m excited to share this special global energy attunement with you!  We’re joining together on the full moon with thousands of women around the globe to awaken the Divine Feminine and empower women. This only happens a few times a year so don’t miss it!
(See below for more details about womb blessing; how to receive, what to bring.)


**Bonus#2 : Live Wild Woman Energy Healing Transmission  (8:45-9:30p)

This is the first time I’m offering this transmission live!

Live Energy Healing Transmission that you can receive in person or at distance.  

Wild woman, Nature herself, invites you to partner with her for this healing transmission to come home to your body and realign with Nature.  She offers you the healing energy of nature to support,root ,nurture and empower you. This enhances and brings balance to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Click here for more about this special healing.

picture of crystal grid during Wild Woman Healing Transmission

This is the first time I’m offering this transmission live!  I’ve been facilitating and channeling this powerful healing transmission from Wild Woman every Tuesday night for the last three months from home to support the women are enrolled in the Wild Woman Home in Your Body Program with the deep work they are doing, in addition to their private sessions. She, Wild Woman, asked me share this energy weekly with them as well as healing clients and my family.  It has been helping them and me to sleep, gain clarity, ease pain, relieve stress and connect more deeply and personally with Wild Woman the intuitive feminine, wild sacred energy of Nature.  This transmission is so powerful that I have to make sure to clear my Tuesday evening and be at home to receive and transmit it to you and then go to sleep..  I didn’t know what to do since this Full Moon and Worldwide Womb blessing are on a Tuesday evening.  When I checked in and asked Wild Woman she told me to make this a live transmission and share it after the Full Moon Abundance Dinner. So voila!  It is with great pleasure that I share this with you. 


10689875_10152715071384495_1686019445374475124_nWild Abundance Full Moon Dinner

I am heeding Wild Woman’s call to offer you a monthly gathering at Be Wild Woman to restore and celebrate the wild abundance of nature in women.

Join together to….

* Feel at home in your body

* Share your intentions and open to the flow of abundance that is inherent in nature: in the beauty of sunrise, in a field of flowers, in the leaves of a tree.

*Ask for what you want and open to receive it.

* Clear blocks, heal wounds around money, security, and worthiness to receive & create.

* Feel the support of a circle of sisters

* Laugh, network, dream and enjoy yummy food.
(bring something delicious and nourishing to share)

This is Be Wild Woman’s vision: to empower women to feel at home in their bodies, safe, nurtured, free to express themselves, and to realign with nature.

Bring your desires, intentions, dreams & visions to be blessed, manifested and celebrated!

This is for you if:
* You feel a sense of lack in your bank account, relationships, or quality of life.

* You make or have money but are still getting stressed out about it.

*You hold yourself back or feel unworthy of what you have or want in your life.

* You never have enough time or are late to things even if they are things you want to do.

* You deprive yourself of things experiences or relationships you desire.

*You have dreams, visions or desires that seem to always be just out of your reach.

*You are ready to live an abundant life now.

* You would like to join a powerful supportive tribe of wild women to manifest, network, and celebrate each other.


womb-logo-smBonus Worldwide Womb Blessing

About Womb Blessing:
Receive a powerful worldwide womb blessing attunement channelled by healer Miranda Grey, founder of the Worldwide Womb Blessing and Moon Mothers around the world. Moon Mothers are healers certified and trained by Miranda to offer private womb healings and blessings. At the last blessing there were over 95,000 women from over 130 countries worldwide. The Blessing energy will help heal on all levels and with each Blessing the healing will deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine.

This blessing is available to all women whether they have a womb or not and whether they have a cycle or not. The only condition for the womb blessing is that young girls must have had their first Moontime (menses) to receive the energy.

***You must register to receive the distance healing, even if you’re coming to my live circle, so Miranda has a way to send the energy to you.

Click here to register

Women please bring:
*a shawl
*two small bowls (fireproof so you can burn a candle in it)
*an item to put on the altar to honor the divine feminine
*something nourishing and delectable to eat or drink to share.
Please arrive on time.  ♥ Moon Mother & Wild Woman Healer, Kiana Love


About Be Wild Woman:
Be Wild Woman is a women’s healing center that empowers women to realign with nature in order to feel at home in their bodies.

Home in your body, home in nature, safe, loved and free.

Be Wild Woman offers healing programs and community events that teach, support and inspire women to align with nature and reclaim their wild feminine power. We offer women healing tools and spiritual support to reclaim their innate, sacred, creativity, healing and power via the wild woman archetype.
We are located in New York City on the Upper West Side. Be Wild Woman was founded in 2006 by Wild Woman Healer, Kiana Love to create a safe space for women to be wild.
By wild, we mean growing and living in your natural state, free to be you


About Kiana:

Kiana Love is the founder of Be Wild Woman, holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston, and has certifications in somatic healing and holistic health. She is a Wild Woman Healer, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Instructor, Moon Mother, Vortex Healer, Holistic Health Counselor, Herbalist, Reflexologist, Interfaith Minister and Yoga Teacher.

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