Wild Woman Dances to the Beat of My Heart

dancing to the drums At last I make it to Starwood, to festival. After a long week and long trip, I sit by the campfire and feel the call. Dancing..feel it in my body as I hear the drums. The beat resonates in my bones, in my blood, echoing in the rhythm of my beating heart. My body is tired and my soul longs to dance. I heed the call, I dance, I circle, I chant. My body is fed, my body is joyful, my body is tired. I succumb to rest, behind the drums, I sleep within the drum beat and feel as securely held by the beats as an Indian baby snugly bound in a cradle board. My body soaks in the healing vibrations of the drums as I slumber. Suddenly the rhythm wakes me, is in me. I jump up and allow its dance to manifest through me. Wild Woman emerges through my body, her body, her limbs. She drinks in the rhythm. She is hungry to dance, to laugh, to feel the drums. I watch my body move. I feel the rhythm, spirit, wildness coursing through my undulating body. Wild Woman is alive in me. Contagious wildness spreads throughout the circle, throughout the drummers, the dancers. She draws all in. Wild Joy. Uncontainable. Undefinable. Undeniable, in my body, in the flames of the fire, in my heart. I surrender to Wild Woman and am consumed, devoured..Only joy remains..

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