Wild Woman Equinox Blessing of the Blood & Mother Earth

I’m feeling very inspired by Kiran Gandhi bleeding during her marathon and the group Sangre Sagrada bleeding in white pants.  I’ve been doing a lot of Womb Healing work and reclaiming of our wild intuitive sacred body at my Be Wild Woman healing center and hear the urgency that now is the time for blood’s sacredness to be restored…for the earth of our body and our planet to be restored.

Today, I’m doing a Blessing of the Blood, Blessing of the Womb ceremony and healing with the land at sunset.  I woke up this morning at 3 am with the message from Wild Woman that it needs to happen now, at the Fall Equinox, to restore the sacredness of our bodies and the earth and shed the shame and blocks that keep us from being wild, sacred and free. I happen to be bleeding now so I will bring some of my blood to bless and then offer it to Mother Earth to bless and thank her for bearing and birthing us.   

Here is the message I received from Wild Woman:  

Here, at the crossroad of the season, you are being asked to receive the bounteous blessing of the summer within and release all that cloaks your wildness.  Take off your limiting beliefs, your hesitation.  Stop hiding.  Bless the blood and bless the earth.  Today you must do this ritual.

Free your wild power.  The power is in your blood and in your being, in each breath you take.  This blessing is for men too.  Men to strip down, receive the blessing; to bless the blood they have come from and the blood that flows through them.  All land must be blessed.  (By this She means the land of our bodies and of our Mother Earth)

This is a co-ed event.  Both women and men need this healing and blessing because we are all born from the womb and we are all here because of our cycle of bleeding.  For women, it will be a blessing of the physical womb and for men and women, a blessing of their Home Womb, their first home.

If you are around and would like to join me today, here is where I’ll be and when

6:30-7:30 PM
Wild Woman Blessing of our Blood & Earth
Healing circle, energy blessing, moving meditation, wild woman dance

Location:  Prospect Park @ Parkside stop off of the Q (Walk inside the park towards LeFrak Center/Roller skating rink & there will be a gazebo at the lake on the left after you cross the walk/bike path). 

Contact: If you can’t find us, call Kiana @ 917-453-3663.
All are welcome to this free event.

Yes, it’s last minute but I promise it won’t be the last time we do this.  Hope you can make it.

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