Women’s Sanctuary Call: Home is in Your Body

Weekly Free Call for women affected by violence.    Tuesdays 7:00-7:45p EST

healing the womb logoRestore safety in your body.  Experience guided relaxation & energy healing with healer & founder of Be Wild Woman, Kiana Love.  Share your intention and hopes or just listen and experience a safe space.  Join a gentle, women’s healing conversation with thriving survivors Kiana and Dana Calanan, creativity consultant & creator of The Facebook Survivors of Violent Crimes and Domestic Violence – Awareness & Support Group. We invite you to find solace and sanctuary here.

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Kiana Love’s nurturing ways and supportive system have assisted immensely in my recovery from C-PTSD    When I first met Kiana, I was probably at my most fragile state; leaving my apartment was extremely difficult. Five years later I still use the techniques, and definitely recommend her to members of the group I founded on Facebook; the Survivors of Violent Crimes & Domestic Violence.

Kiana is genuine, kind and the empowering work she does is a true blessing. Her intentions are for you to reclaim your power and I certainly have.
With much love & gratitude,”
~Dana Calanan   

I’ve created this free call to offer a safe haven for women affected by violence.  As a thriving survivor of physical, emotional and sexual violence, I’m excited to share tools that have empowered me to feel at home in my body & in love with my life. Nurturing your body is not a luxury, its essential— for you to claim and live your joy.” Kiana Love

Be Wild Woman is a healing sanctuary that empowers women to feel at home in their bodies, safe nurtured and loved.

kyer disk 08 033At Be Wild Woman, healer Kiana Love partners with a woman in deep experiential work where she is seen, heard, and acknowledged. Kiana use various exercises, tools and modalities of bioenergetics, breath work, chakra healing, reflexology, meditation, yoga, creativity, body mindfulness and guided relaxation to create an experience of deep safety and acceptance in a woman’s body.  Mrs Love also offers group programs, workshops and circles for women. She’s available for lectures, workshops, intuitive readings, rituals, healing art, space clearings and blessings.  www.BeWildWoman.com

About Dana:

484834_591721247529361_2052656504_nMy journey has led me to becoming an expert in a unique way; theatrical tailoring, creative psychology and trauma recovery. I have a B.S. in Fashion Design & Merchandising and an M.S. in Creative Studies, both from SUNY @ Buffalo State. After surviving a brutal attack while living in NYC, I left my work on Broadway to heal from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.
My mission is in cultivating the creative potential in those seeking positive and substantial change, with an empasis on PTSD.  I utilize a unique combination of holistic healing practices and creative problem solving skills in order to innovate from within. ” Dana Calanan

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