Happy Wild Wombing Day~Nurture yourself today!

Happy Wild Wombing Day!

Mother Earth is Wombing & blessing our garden with rain. So alas we will not be in the garden today. Stay tuned for new human garden blessing date!

Since she’s decided to do the blessing in the garden today.. I invite you to take some time to nurture yourself with some Home-Wombing today…

Join us tomorrow for our F.RE.E Wild Wombing Call~ Join me for a healing call & meditation & transform your womb into a wild sanctuary.
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Start with an intention ~Nurturing your self today

Dedicate it to the healing & safety of mother earth & women across the globe. Like a nurtured garden may all women feel safe to grow & be wild.

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit in your home.

Turn your attention inside by closing your eyes & drawing your attention to your breath. Allow your chest & belly to rise as you breath in & to fall on the exhale.

Allow yourself to draw in nurturing & safety on the inhale & to gently release tension on the exhale.

Imagine that your body is a wild garden.

On the inhale
See, sense, imagine rain drops gently falling on you blessing & nurturing your body.

On the exhale
See, sense, imagine, that any tension, grief, anything you are ready to let go of is easily carried away by the rain as it washes down into the ground.

Continue for a few minutes or as long as you like.

Imagine that as you continue to receive blessing & release tension that other women around the globe are receiving this blessing too.

When you are ready begin to bring your attention back..Take a deep breath & release it with a sigh.

Then take another & release it with an OHM to send healing across the globe.

Here are a few ways you can home-womb throughout your day.

Look out at the rain & watch mother earth nurture the ground. As you do breath & imagine it is nurturing you too.

Look around your home & nurture your space. Clear clutter, clean, Water plants, bless your home, sage, decorate

Take a nap, curl up in soft blankets & womb. get the rest you deserve.

Take a bath with bath salts.. You can make your own sea salt, epsom, baking soda. For relaxation you can add a few drops of lavender, or chamomile essential oil or tea bags .

Drink a cup of tea…Some of my favorites are Nettle, Oatstraw, Chamomile, Lavender, Tulsi Rose, Mint.

Then take a moment to share about your home-wombing here on our event page.

Feel free to share this & spread the message of healing to women across the globe.

Happy Wombing Day

wild blissings,
Kiana Love

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