Get Sexy with Be Wild Gardening

On Alternet I found Makenna Goodman’s  article painting a hot & heavy picture of gardening

Gardening Make Your Sex Life Better?

The moment I saw this article, I thought – Yes!

Gardening & getting in touch with your wildness, your inner wild woman through nurturing her wild ecology, can make your sex life better. And we do mean ecology because the plants, trees, and creatures, us included, are all in wild relationship.

Noelle, our Wild Musings blogger and resident ecologist, says that when you tend to plant life, you are tending to the whole biological community because we’re all connected. As an intern for a tropical forest ecology program in Costa Rica, she experienced firsthand the deep interconnections between all lifeforms. She remembers the Cecropia trees with their resident ant communities, how the trees provided nourishment for the ants while the ants in turn fiercely protected the trees. Mutual benefits, mutual pleasure – what a great analogy for both gardening and sex!

When we’re gardening and watching the wildness of the garden, it resonates with our own wildness. What’s more sexy than connecting to our inner wild woman that intrinsically knows what wild is, what sensual is? The way she feels when she digs her fingers in the dirt, the rich soil.. when she notices the scent of cinammon basil.. when she reaches down and tastes the sweet leaf of stevia or the tangy lemon of sorrel.. when she enjoys the sharp bite of spicy salad greens, nurturing herself with nature’s wild greens so that she can frolic for hours and hours… She resonates with what wildness looks and feels like when she sees plants reaching up for the sun or leaves sprawling out. She sees the undeniable wildness of a plant that refuses to be eradicated and insists on growing abundant and wild. This is sexy.

Join us for some sexy wild gardening!

wild blissings,
Kiana Love

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