Live Wild Woman Full Moon Energy Healing Transmission – OCT 27th

goddess_gaia1Live Energy Healing Transmission that you can receive in person or at distance.  

Wild woman, Nature herself,  invites you to partner with her for this healing transmission to come home to your body and realign with Nature.  She offers you the healing energy of nature to support,root ,nurture and empower you. This enhances and brings balance to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  

As you tune in to your body, you will connect to the energy she sends you. She invites you to root with her and feel her as Mother Earth holding you.  She invites you to rest and unfold in her care like a baby in the womb. Notice what you are aware of experiencing, Sink down into her embrace.  Listen through your senses as nature heals and speaks through you.


This is the first time I’m offering this transmission live!

I’ve been facilitating and channeling this powerful healing transmission from Wild Woman every Tuesday night for the last three months from home to support the women are enrolled in the Wild Woman Home in Your Body Program with the deep work they are doing, in addition to their private sessions. She, Wild Woman, asked me to share this energy weekly with them as well as healing clients and my family.  It has been helping them and me to sleep, gain clarity, ease pain, relieve stress and connect more deeply and personally with Wild Woman the intuitive feminine, wild sacred energy of Nature.  

This transmission is so powerful that I have to make sure to clear my Tuesday evening and be at home to receive and transmit it to you and then go to sleep.  My whole body feels relaxed and energized at the same time.  It takes me out of my thinking, stressing mind altogether, and often off of feet to sit or lay down as I feel the energy move through me.   

I didn’t know what to do since this month’s Wild Woman Full Moon and Worldwide Womb blessing are on a Tuesday evening, Oct 27th.  When I checked in and asked Wild Woman she told me to make this a live transmission and share it with you after the Wild Woman Full Moon Abundance Dinner.  She’s also asked me to extend the invitation to everyone to receive at distance.  She asks for a $20 donation for the at distance transmission to go into a scholarship fund for survivors of trauma to receive Wild Woman Healing.

 The live transmission is free for participants in the Wild Woman Full Moon Worldwide Womb Blessing and $25 for anyone else that wants to come join, this includes men.    

Click here to register and above for the Women’s Full Moon.

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