Wild Heart New Years Ritual

441This is your year!
Take some time to root, listen and honor your hearts song this new year.  It is here in the rooting and the listening that you can set course with confidence.
 The map is within you: your feelings, desires and what stands in the way to be cleared.
Set aside 20 minutes.
Find a space where you won’t be disturbed.
Light a candle. Hold your heart.
Take 5 minutes to listen with all your senses to her song.   Listen to the beat of your heart and feel the vibration through your fingertips, and within your heart. Notice your breath, feel the earth hold you.
Ask your heart what she feels, what she desires and what stands in the way.
Take 3 breaths to acknowledge your heart.  Listen and write what comes down. Let this be your 2015 map.
Take a moment to sit and  then if it feels right dance with your hearts song.
Now do something pleasureable and offer it to your heart in gratitude!
Happy New Years Wild Woman!
Consider making a vow to your heart to commit to honoring her song.  This does not mean you have to make it happen.  It means acknowledging this song as true and good.  Give yourself permission to feel and allow yourself the support you need to feel rooted, safe and free to sing it and have it.  You deserve this and the world needs your hearts medicine now.  Your song is a healing gift for you and all of us.  I pray that you be held and surrounded in love that your wild song may be freed for all of us to hear and dance and celebrate together.
Together our songs are a symphony of wild joy!

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