What part of your body do you love and why?

I invite you to take a moment to look in the mirror and embrace what you see.  Perhaps you could start with one part of you that brings you pride or that you would like to commit to loving.

Just saw a great article in Shape’s February Magazine, called “How I learned to love my body”. Six women share what they love about their body and why.  I especially liked how the body parts they used weren’t what our culture would deem, “perfect” and perfectly  illustrated how we can learn to love and embrace ourselves just the way we are.

For each there’s a picture and a quote..here’s a few of their quotes..

“when I look at the scars on my belly, I know I can handle anything life throws me”
Maggie Vanbuskirik,25

“While they may never be featured in an ad for lotions or rings my hands have enabled me to help, soothe, and calm the people I love” Eva Bridget, 48

When I read the one about the belly it reminded me of how I used to extremely self conscious about my stretch marks.  Then I had a lover tell me that they were a beautiful natural tattoo.  Since then I think of them as the stripes that I earned giving birth to my son and a badge of all the love I have for him.  Here’s my pic

I invite you to share yours here!

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  1. When I look in the mirror, I see a person I do not familiarize with. I feel equal about all parts. What I’m most proud of is my mind, It’s different.

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