A Bullet Can Stop the Heart ~ Love Can Heal It

Sunday night, a man died in front of my building. I heard the gunshots. I still hear them in my head. Loud.. POW POW POW POW POW… five of them. Like fireworks. Really loud, distinct, close by.

Then heard people yelling, saw people running down the street. Moved away from the window. Heard the sirens, saw the red & blue lights outside my window. Saw fire trucks, police cars, in front of my building. Had to go down and at least witness – these things need to be witnessed. Had a sinking feeling when I saw detectives standing over a body, asking questions, heard neighbors saying there were no vital signs.

Watched them lift his still body, pants down, brace around his neck, onto a stretcher & strap him in. Part of me wanting to believe he was still alive. Knowing it’s not so. It was so quiet though.. none of the wailing, mourning, no signs except for the quiet conversations, fear hiding under people’s voices, behind their eyes. And then the next day, quiet.. just the whisperings.

No one really knows. And just this little blurb in the Village Voice blogs. Makes me want to shout.. scream – This is Life.. This is sacred..

I want people to take a moment, a moment of silence, a moment of noise, gnashing of teeth, even a joyful noise, anything, something to acknowledge life, to acknowledge love, the life of a heart as the blood seeps out of his body – the rich power of life.

Wake up
Wake up
This moment counts!!!

Every moment counts as I sit here on the train, as I listen to the train gliding along the tracks with my ears God/dess gave me, feeling my heart beat, as my fingers hold the pen transmitting my emotions into thoughts onto paper as life surrounds me here all these beating hearts here on this train. All life matters.

The way to save lives is with love.. not bullets. Hate only begets hate. Love has the power to transform anger to forgiveness.. much more powerful than a gun.

Love needs to be an action – the way our hearts beating is an action. We need to make love an action in our lives, to be loving, to care for ourselves deeply, passionately. To marvel at the wonder of life, at the fact that our bodies do these amazing things like breathe & laugh & dance acts of love.. Let’s cultivate & celebrate love..

Love life and love it wildly ~

Kiana Love

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