Welcome 2015: Your Wild Freedom Awaits You

Here’s a wonderful post on the recent Saturn into Sagittarius of the new moon.  This sets the stage for our entry into the new year.  2015 calls for FREEDOM!  Remember that for freedom to unfold it requires safe, secure ground.   As my chakra teacher Anodea Judith says,  Roots down, Crown up….sink your roots deep down and fling your arms open, your head back and take in the vast stars above!  I wish you Freedom this new year!

I called up my good friend, astrologer Alison Beth Levy of Starry Blessings. We talked about our transition into the new year. Here’s the gist of our astrological and intuitive musings and some starry light for your journey into the new year:

“Freedom has been trumpeted with our recent entry of Saturn into Sagittarius, on a personal and a collective level.  We see it around us in activism and with the upcoming retrograde, the universe is giving us the message to pay attention and free ourselves. 

Its time to pay attention.  Its time for freedom and expansion. Things will get really lively and electrifying in Spring.  So its important to ground, set your course and clear.  You are going to have to feel safe because its going to get interesting.  

We’re going to see more events on the collective stage; Cultural revolution is on the horizon “

…. Your wild freedom is on the horizon


Saturn into Sagittarius – The Journey to the Big Self & Freeing Your Spirit!
by Alison Beth Levy  –Starry Blessings Astrology

Folks 27-29 years old — Welcome to your Saturn Return (or your 2nd around age 57-59 or your 3rd Saturn Return age 86-88).
<Insert Happy Dance>
I have Saturn in my 9th house, which is related to Sagittarius, as the house of higher mind, higher self, and reckoning with spiritual beliefs/life, so I feel you, Saturn in Sag crew!

Saturn Return people~ you are being asked to make yourself available: by being the teachers you are, showing off your libraries, travel blogs, and distilling spiritual truths. Show us how to be our best selves. Show us what freedom of the self looks like. What a beautiful aspect!

Whats interesting is that you 1st time Saturn in Sag Returners have Saturn conjunct Uranus. Talk about push and pull — you go back and forth between what is tried and true and what is revolutionary. But truly you are seekers, wanting to refine yourselves before you launch. I look forward to seeing what you show us – you have working hard within your lairs (and having fun procrastinating too..) for quite sometime. Your upcoming appearances are going to be stunning and rather mind blowing! I except you to come up new concepts of community and spirituality which bring everyone together as a cosmic family.

For everyone — Saturn in Sag will be nudging us to also grow and expand our horizons, adventure into new vistas, and come up with new curiosities. As far as Saturn the task master, we will be challenged to define our visions, study up for regular pop quizzes, and be able to drop it all and have exciting fun at the drop of a hat! Sag doesn’t like to miss anything, fun or conversation or tidbit – Sag needs discipline to make it through the confusing and dragging parts. This aspect will aid the hard-hitting polarity of the Pluto-Uranus square, by making us ask– what do we want to see in this world? It will build in complexity in a couple years with Jupiter in Libra.

After Saturn in Scorpio, we are piecing together the powerful courageous lessons we learned (and will go underground again next Summer) in order to navigate the next few years in our mad world. Sag is known for madness, when s/he does not get the freedom needed, the fire circles, the time for inner thought, meditation, balance, and vision quests. In order to confront the current collective madness, and to understand the world’s darkness, we now have Saturn in Sag’s high flying, bird’s eye view of life, the world and our place in it.

Starry Saturn in Sag Blessings!!

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