Home Womb Healing Art: Gift for You–heal your first home

Contemplate this healing art and healing grid to receive a blessing & healing of your home womb.  Your home womb is your first home…the womb you were born in.  See below for how to receive this healing energy.
This Mothers Day I followed the call from Wild Woman to offer a free Mother’s Day Energy Blessing for all. I initially offered it as a 30 minute free transmission and realized this healing of our homes, a safe place for women and for all beings is so deeply needed by all of our earth family that I ended up leaving it up…and it is still up.
I’m sharing it with you via this picture of the grid and subsequent channeled healing art I made last night during a second energy transmission to women working with my privately.
The message I got during the channeling is conveyed by this art that came through of  the healing that can pour through us into the world when we feel at home in our first homes…our home wombs.  There is a part of us that still lives there and until that energetic space is healed we cannot fully open to the healing power that naturally flows through us when we claim this birthright.
Here’s the womb healing crystal grid I created on Mother’s Day and channeled Wild Woman energy through to bless and heal women’s wombs and the “home wombs” of all, men, women, boys and girls  that joined in.
Wild Woman Mothers Day Energy Blessing:
wild flower largeJust as the earth our home needs to be healed.  We need to feel the sanctity and healing of home.  There is so much pain here in our bodies and we have lost our sense of blessed home.  We are meant to be born from joy yet many of us are clouded with sorrow and numbed by pain.  It is time for us to wake up to the joy of being wild…in our own nature, in the miracle of being born.  Celebrating Mother, means healing her from within.  Each of us has a home sense of Mother.  When this is restored it is natural, it is our passion to protect and celebrate her.  She asks you to join me in healing your home womb.  Together we need to vision and feel ourselves home in the womb that birthed us.  Together we need to call the healing, the force of LOVE there.   –-channeled message
How to receive:
Find a peaceful and comfortable space to receive the blessing and set aside the time for you.   Light a candle and settle in to receive. Set your intention for receiving, envision it so. State: Mother Earth I feel you under my feet, bless me, my womb, the womb that birthed me and my loved ones. Cradle me with your love and feel my love for you. I am blessed I am whole. It is so.
I will be offering this energy live monthly and one-on one healings at distance and in person.


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