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Kiana Love is offering a luscious weekend for wild women and men. Friday and Saturday are just for the ladies, but on Sunday the maps of the clitoris will be revealed to both men and women. “For all of you who would like to know more about pleasing women — the clitoris and beyond — I had the pleasure of hearing Sheri speak last year and I can assure you, you are in for a treat!” Kiana enthuses. All of these classes are “clothes on, hands off” experiences, so don’t be shy.

Sheri Winston

Beginning with Friday night, Kiana presents “Be Wild,” her monthly women’s event that “provides an opportunity for women to reclaim, evoke, explore and celebrate the wild woman within through activities and movement.” Snacks and drinks will be provided, but guests are encouraged to bring treats to share. The Be Wild wardrobe and craft center will be available, with lingerie, wigs, costumes, boas and more to help you express yourself and music will further enhance the exploratory and celebratory experience. Bring your own wild costume or create one. For example, you could bring a bra to decorate!

At 8pm Kiana will introduce sex educator extraordinaire, Sheri Winston, who will present a brief overview of her “Wholistic Sexuality: An Introduction To A New Paradigm.” Ms. Winston invites participants to “Discover a new philosophy that re-integrates our sexuality with our selves and our world in an empowering paradigm of pleasure, passion and possibilities.” Friday’s festivities begin at 7pm and are for women only. Bring an outfit that embodies your wild woman and also bring something to eat or drink to share. Donations are $10, or $7 if you bring food or drink to share, or costuming/lingerie item to donate to the wardrobe, and only $5 if you bring a friend. Proceeds will go toward supporting current and future Be Wild events.

Kiana Love

On Saturday, Ms. Winston will teach her Wholistic Sexuality Playshop: Orgasmic Abundance For Women, a hands-off arousal and sexual energy skills workshop. Sheri invites you to “Learn how to own your orgasm!” The class will focus on the techniques, inner tools and abilities of “Self-Skills,” using breath, movement, sound, intention, imagery and awareness “to increase your arousal, develop your orgasmic capacity and expand your repertoire of what’s possible. You will learn to understand the process and the pathways and how to use your inner skills to create and move sexual energy into enhanced arousal and the wide variety of orgasmic potential that awaits you.” This class is for women only and runs from 1 till 5pm at a sliding scale cost of $45 to $60.

And on Sunday, both men and women are invited as Sheri teaches Maps Of The Clitoris – The Truth About Female Anatomy. Sheri says, “There’s more to the female genitalia then meets the eye! Find out about the network of structures responsible for female sexual pleasure.” This class runs from 2pm till 5pm and is offered at a sliding scale fee of $35 to $50.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited, so register early!

Ms. Love sums up her goals for her Be Wild events: “Be Wild is a collaborative creation that I’m excited to share with women. Besides being a monthly event, I envision it as a community resource to support women. Be Wild is primarily a women’s group, but also extends in a limited way to male friends who are supportive of the feminine. While Be Wild has as its priority a safe, healing space for women, it also encourages men to heal their feminine and find a balance between masculine and feminine. I will at times offer classes or social gatherings where men who honor the feminine are welcome.”

Wild Women Presents – by Abby Ehmann

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